Our Services

Beachfeet Travel is a full-service, luxury travel concierge company. We are dedicated to providing impeccable customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service and quality to our clients.  We offer our expertise to your travel plans whether they are for corporate travel, vacation travel, destination wedding planning, honeymoons or family vacations.
Why Use a Travel Agent?
In today's world of instant online access to unlimited information on travel options, you might be wondering why it makes sense to plan your vacation with one of our travel professionals.
Planning a trip today can be confusing and time-consuming. We not only arrange the various modes of transportation, but we may be able to save you money with early booking discounts, bundling air and land, promotional sales and volume discounts.

Benefits of Using a Travel Agent 
Save Time & Money! -  Strong working relationships with travel suppliers and the latest in computer reservations technology enable our agents to access the most up-to-date information on how to get you the best value. Time savings. The sheer number of online booking companies means that it may take hours to find the best deals on your own. One quick call to Beachfeet Travel and the work is done for you. 

Traveler Advocates -  Your best interests are the priority. We take the time to get to know you, understanding your approach to travel, what you like to see and do and in what style. Then we match these factors with your budget, schedule, and our expertise to give you the best options for your travel.

Convenience -   Beachfeet
Travel offers one-stop shopping for all travel arrangements. We are here for you to talk to, answer your questions, and design a vacation perfect just for you. No website or cell phone "app" can do that.

Service -   Travel agents are knowledgeable and active in the industry. The Society provides education, training and resource materials to its members to equip them with the tools to offer the highest quality of service. The more complicated your travel plans, the less likely you will be successful on your own. We can offer information about kid-friendly activities on your trip to make the experience exciting and meaningful for everyone.

We will Be There When You Need Us  
Help when things go wrong. Many internet customers complain that when problems arise - even common situations like missed flights or lost hotel reservations - there is no one to help. 
Beachfeet Travel is available 24/7 and has the expertise (and often the connections) to quickly take care of problems as they arise, removing the burden from the traveler.  When you book with us, all you have to do is make one simple phone call and we will handle the rest. 

Agents Will Go the Extra Mile -   Travelers often find that accommodations, destinations or tours that look fantastic on-line are a disappointment once they arrive. At Beachfeet Travel we will not send you somewhere we have not conducted an on property site visit.  We will give you recommendations (
mostly from personal experience) that fit your needs and preferences.  

Beachfeet Travel is an IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) accredited agency.